Description :

Dame-Music is once again on the scene with an excellent release from long time friend, and member since the very beginning, Quenum. Co-producer on the worldwide known track “Orange Mistake” on Cadenza 001 and release on multiple labels such as Crosstown Rebels and Contexterrior, Quenum needs no introduction. After having participated to the Various Artists Dame-Music 001 with the track “Lotus“, it was obvious that Quenum would be back for his own Ep. The recent release on Crosstown Rebels in May “Bubble Gum Ep” and a collaboration on Dame- Music 008 “Potluck” with Paris the Black FU (aka Detroit Grand Pubahs) definitely place him under the spot ligth. The head track of the Ep, Black Rebel, is demoniac, groovy, funky, psychadelic, Quenum at his best! As soon as the bass kick`s in you can find yourself involontary budging, and it is only the beginning… To follow this intro, a vicious bunch of pads and notes twisting your brain like a wet cloth. Black Rebel is a mental gourmet dish to relish on the dancefloor. Maison Natal take us back to childhood with samples from the notorious, so called “Dictee”… The famous Quenum percussion rhythm is setting the note as usual, followed by a punchy kick. This one will make you move your body with a hint of nostalgie.