Description :

Introducing us to a new musical step, Bloody Mary closes out the year 2014 with her latest production ‘Striders’ EP. 

Armed with her TR-909 and Access Virus synthesizer, the Dame-Music label owner breaks a two year long silence with a solid, punchy and attractive release. Featuring Mary’s vocals, the tunes are progressing as ‘Striders’ through their length and step after step add new elements that enhance the flow. A highly anticipated return of Bloody Mary as a solo artist that we are proud to present on Dame-Music. 

The title track ‘Striders’ holds you under pressure with layered Acid lines that evolves through energetic rhythms keeping the listener on alert at all times. This sequence educes a spooky atmosphere enhanced by grinding saw pads played here and there along the tune in conjunction with Mary’s voice. 

The B-side track ‘Our Differences’ stick to the EP’s spirit with its Acid bassline driving that Techno tool into madness. Perfectly led once again by Mary’s vocals and well supported with its drums patterns the tune is going crescendo to finally deliver a delayed synth line that increase the strength of the overall.