Description :

Dame-Music presents its mission statement in the form of a CD compilation, Decadence, mixed by French Berliner Bloody Mary. The label owner is also offering the compilation’s new exclusive cuts as a 12″ sampler for the DJs out there. All four productions stick to Dame-Music’s only rule: tracks that are tried and tested and that truly belong within Bloody Mary’s DJ sets. To set the tone, she’s invited three of her friends to contribute, plus one track of her own.

Bloody Mary‘s “Dandies” is energized by punchy percussion, and by the halfway point, the melody shines through like the sun from behind the clouds – a perfect DJ selection for open-air parties. Argenis Brito (Mobilee, Cadenza) is not just a great producer but also a vocalist, touring with Señor Coconut and guesting on Bloody Mary’s “Sed non Satiata” single last year (Contexterrior). Now, he offers the quirky “Indoors”, which has echoes of his Latino heritage combined with mutant voices. On the flip, Sierra Sam (Toys For Boys) provides “Perpendicular”, bringing in a darker element, but still perky and upbeat, with a catchy organ melody. Finally, longtime friend Quenum (Clapper) provides some weirdness with “Lotus”, which employs aquatic dub elements with syncopated horn stabs and even some touches of jazz guitar. What a trip!