The Analogue Cops

Vinyl purists, gear scientists, lo-fi tech-freaks and general purveyors of all forms of hardware, Lucretio and Marieu aka The Analogue Cops are the founders of Restoration Records. As the name so boldly suggests, their imprint has been heavily involved in the deconstruction and reshaping of the house and techno sound since the duo moved to Berlin from the outskirts of Padova – Italy’s

After the digitalisation of music which evolved thanks to the ‘minimal’ sound of the early 2000’s, The Analogue Cops made it their objective to bring back the freedom and diversity which characterised house and techno throughout the 90’s. No more over-compression, no more sync buttons, no more reliance on sub-genres, but a return to the source of it all and to the basics of the art form: hands-on and heartfelt beat-making centred around a much more wide-eyed vision of dance music, one that still very much looks to the future and consistently makes reference to the

Taking the aesthetic of Detroit and Chicago solely as a point of inspiration, the duo have progressively nurtured their own style – gritty, loose, improvisational arrangements boasting a singular sampling touch – one which is both instantly recognisable as their own and also partly

Never compromising their approach or deviating from their militant vision of what underground dance music represents, the Cops have collaborated with a number of trusted affiliates such as Blawan and Steffi, among others. Since 2010, they have nurtured the Appointment project alongside Relative founders John Swing and EMG – a bi-monthly production jam of similarly minded artists – and have also appeared on a string of different side-projects and other labels including the UK’s Hypercolour LTD stable. Their own imprints – Lucretio’s Machines State Polymers and Marieu’s Enlightened Wax – have further developed their respective sounds into the

Performing either as a DJ duo or as a live act, Lucretio and Marieu’s sets contain the same levels of energy and a distinctly personal touch. The former can include everything from the productions of their tight-knit crews to forgotten 90’s house and techno gems and even shades of gritty broken beats, while the latter showcases the Cops’ own productions. This, of course, is performed strictly without laptops or software processors, but with a bunch of drum machines, a couple of sequencers, the latest outboard synths they’ve laid their hands on, a few pedals and a whole load

Restoring and remodelling since 2006. The mission lives on.