Description :

Dame-Music is proud to present its 26th release, The Jaydes ‘Tears & Fears’ remixes. 

Picked freshly from the critically acclaimed LP, ‘Tears & Fears’ express its strong and heavy character throughout this EP. Bloody Mary’s vocals accentuate that dark atmosphere to lead to a powerful and melancholic synth line that keeps you on alert. 

Lightbluemover, also known as Francis Harris, take ‘Tears & Fears’ into a dub version of the tune that sets the tone from the first note with a kick that feels like an hearthquake. 

An industrial sound like that of the original, points even further into dark brooding goodness. On the B-side, David K releases the pressure by adding his personal groove running throughout the track topped with psychedelic melodies and a twisted ‘Frisco’ vocal that will blow your mind. Rounding out the vinyl package, Heartthrob takes ‘Tears & Fears’ down a brighter melodic path, carried by iron fist drums and stirring synths mixing smoothly and powerly together. 

As a special treat David K rolled up his sleeves and made a fourth version of ‘Tears & Fear’ with a slightly more detuned sound and driven by his reconstruction of the original pads.