Description :

Dame-Music strikes back! Tim Taylor & DJ Slip make their debut on the label, featuring 2 remixes from label boss Bloody Mary, and a remix from Jerome Hill.

The story behind the release dates back to 1997, when Tim Taylor spent the whole year in Minneapolis. He built a mobile studio in a rental apartment and collaborated with local modular system freaks Freddie Fresh, DJ ESP, DJ Slip and Rob Williams.
Tim had been sent music from these guys for a few years prior to his stay in Minneapolis, and he was amazed by the amount of analogue gear in their studios – real exotic, rare stuff for the time. During this period they did different jams with these various systems and recorded to DAT with live mixing.
In many cases, these were just sketches of stripped down tracks with increasingly unusual bass and live delays. These recordings were planned as an alternate limited series project to Tim Taylor’s label, Missile, with the plan being to release these experiments under the name “Fear of Music.” The aim was to try something beyond what a regular DJ club label could put out.

Fear of Music 01 “Pleasure Unit” was a collaboration between Tim Taylor & DJ Slip. It was originally released in 1998 and quickly became a cult track. At the time it was just a 90’s analogue adventure, however it was always intended to
return to work on some of these tracks at a later date. So here we are, 21 years later. Dame-Music proudly presents the original track by Tim Taylor & DJ Slip, freshly remastered by Thomas P. Heckmann at Trope Mastering, including 2 fresh remixes by Bloody Mary and 1 by Jerome Hill.