Description :

Dame-Music label owner, Bloody Mary hits us once again with her upcoming Ep “Hide & Seek”. Since last years huge succes of “Spinning Around” on the “Arabesque Ep”, Mary has been working with SIS on “Cast Out Of Paradise” for the one year anniversary compilation “Potluck” out last June. She now returns on her own for another amazing release.

“Fading Away” is the perfect reflection of Bloody Mary’s inprint, powerfull kick, obscur and melancolic melodies are her secret, not to mention the dark vocals featuring Dame-Music artist Toma Ivanov (Komaton). “Fading Away” is a “ballade” of underground dance music lead by a strong “Electro” influence with delicate, faint and mysterious harmony.

“Hide & Seek” is an energetic punch, a superb “move your body” tune. Featuring “Eyke” as a guest vocalist, Bloody Mary kept that “Electro” influence again with a hint of the 80’s. The grindy filtered bass and tom riff set the notes to deliver Eyke ́s lyrics.
S.A.S. (aka Subb-an & Adam Shelton) created for the pleasure of our ears a remix of “Fading Away”. Their advanced skills of rolling bass and lead sound makes “Fading Away” an explosion on the dancefloor.